Ricki Muskett, Founder of BellGi Artisan Collection

Fragrance has the power to make a house a home. I also love a fragrance ! my favourite being – Tom Ford, Jasmin Rouge.  I was determined to live in a place where people walk in, inhale extra deeply, and feel totally pampered. The candles that have gotten me the most, “Mmmm, what is that?!” compliments are the ones with the highest scent “throw,” They can be powerful and fill a room.

I started pouring scented candles from my Kitchen during lock down, The entrepreneurial journey has had many ups and downs, using wrong wax, wrong wicks.. much more complex than first thought.. I wanted to do something different, I found the Bone China Tea Cups from Vintage fairs and have lovingly filled with fragrances which are inspired by aromatherapy oils. I am excited to see What the future holds.

After experimenting with different materials to make my own candle pots I came across  Micro Concrete this opened up a new world of exciting products that I could make, below are just a few of products that I started making.

  • Tea light holders
  • Coasters
  • Jewellery Trays
  • Trays
  • Soap dishes
  • Trinket dishes
  • Vases
  • Planters

An introduction to our Micro Concrete

You’ve probably seen our beautiful crafts these crisp, trinket trays, planters, candle pots, soap dishes and  vases to name but a few of our collection. They all come in an array of pastel or jewel tones, terrazzo and marble finishes – even gleaming with bright metallic flecks. They are all individually lovingly handmade made and as they are handmade the colours and sizes will vary slightly from the pictures and descriptions.

What is Micro Concrete?

Micro Concrete is a composite material (that just means it’s made of more than one component) that’s used in arts and crafts, as well as in some construction and manufacturing.

Simply put, micro Concrete is a powder and a liquid, which when combined and left to solidify, turn hard and resilient. The powder is gypsum-based (gypsum is a soft mineral – it’s also used in chalk and plaster of paris), and the liquid is an acrylic resin.

Our Micro concrete is…

  • eco-friendly
  • water-based
  • non-toxic
  • Fire resistant
  • VOCs-free
Is Micro Concrete chip-resistant?

It’s sturdy, but not as hard as substances like granite or quartz, but it will stand up well. And because the colour is throughout rather than painted on the surface, even if it chips it will still look good.

Is our indoor collection water-proof?

Let’s say splash-proof. Once sealed, you can wipe it clean with a damp cloth and use it somewhere it may occasionally get damp, but it shouldn’t be left in standing water – so vases or plant pots should have a waterproof liner to protect the Micro concrete.

Is Micro Concrete food safe?

No, you shouldn’t use micro concrete for direct food storage like bowls or plates. But it’s non-toxic, so fruit bowls, platters (for food in wrappers) or similar are all on the table – metaphorically speaking. It also isn’t microwave- or dishwasher-safe.